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Let me welcome your dog as our next guest!

Enjoy peace of mind that your beloved pet is in great hands with our high standard kennels.

Experienced care

Inspections welcome

Heated kennels

We are well trained and highly qualified and, as a business, we have over 30 years' experience in caring for cats and dogs! We can also offer dog grooming services for your pet.

You can feel at ease by inspecting our kennels any time to have a better mental image of where your dog is while you're away. Contact Seranda Petcare to arrange a visit.

Our kennels are all fully heated to create a warm and cosy environment for your dog. Temperature is regularly monitored for the comfort of your pet.

Plenty of exercise

Personalised space

Vet available 24/7

As well as two walks per day, your dog will have the freedom of his own individual run where he can explore, sniff and stretch his legs whenever he wants.

Make your dog feel more at home by bringing in his favourite and familiar bedding, toys and treats. Paired with lots of attention, we are sure your dog will enjoy his stay at Seranda Petcare!

At Seranda Petcare we welcome dogs with special diets or medical needs and have a vet available on call at all times in case of a medical emergency or concern.