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Know that your cat is in good hands.

Join the hundreds of cat owners who repeatedly trust us to care for their pet in our catteries.

Established catteries

Visit Seranda Petcare

Plenty of affection

Your cat will enjoy spending time with me. We've offered the highest quality of pet boarding for over 30 years and we are always pleased to see the same faces return time and again.

Get peace of mind that your cat is staying in high quality accommodation while you are away. Give us a call to schedule an inspection of our cattery and ask any questions you have.

We check on our guests several times a day and we're always happy to spend time interacting and playing with your cat. This level of attention can really make a difference.

Warmth and comfort

Familiar treats

Emergency vet care

Each of my cattery spaces at Seranda Petcare are well heated to guarantee the comfort of your cat. They also have their own individual run to stretch their legs and get fresh air whenever they wish.

We encourage you to bring along some of your cat's favourite bedding and toys so that their space feels familiar to them.

You don't have to worry about your cat's health while you are away with a qualified and experienced vet on call at all times in case of an emergency.